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General Policy Conditions Comparator

Brokers, agents and customers can make use of this unique knowledge base containing the most relevant General Conditions from the Insurers on the Belgian Market.

It bridges the gap between a customer’s lack of insurance knowledge and a broker’s or agent’s lack of detailed and up to date knowledge about the broad insurance market. Ultimately, it will lead to more and positive and concrete interactions between the customer and intermediaries.

We offer this solution in SaaS thru API’s offering you a solution that is scalable following you needs. It allows you also to keep up to date with the latest developments on the insurance market.

Cognitive Insurance Robotics

Robotics Process Automation has found its way to the insurer, but failed to deliver tangle results due to:

•Inadequate insurance process knowledge

•Suffering from IT resistance

•A lack of governance

We not only ambrace an true E2E approach, we are adding the cognitive aspect with our Smart Routing solutions to extract the meaningful data from text to automatically inject in the robotics automation.

We deliver a 1 day workshop session where we can quantify the results that can be obtained from out Cognitive Insurance Robotics missions.

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thewave Services


Two-Speed Architecture Consulting

What's it about?

Learn how you can make your current legacy core insurance system digital enabled instead of engaging in a multi year highly demanding engagement with no ending for replacing your legacy core insurance system.

Find out with our Digital Enablement Scan how you can turn your target legacy core insurance system into a System of Records with on top a separate Digital Orchestration & Decision Layer with the required flexibility & accessibility for all your digital channels.

What's in it for you?

  • Put right away the focus on the Customer Journey with added value for broker/customer
  • Evolve in small increments by putting gradually in place new modular capabilities
  • Mitigate major execution risks by avoiding complex belgian localization & interfacing

Architecture Enablement Design

Digital Application Enablement

With out combined deep insurance & technological knowledge, we know how to enable your business thru an optimal Application Architecture.

Straight forward, yet always taking into account feasibility bundled into a stepped roadmap approach

Insurance API Design

Connecting to eco systems requires API’s, but the question is : how do you start with the design of your insurance API’s ? What kind of API’s to you need to expose ? With what level of granularity ?

We can give you more then a jump start, ready to be used for a connected insurance world.

Data Enablement & Monetization

Data is the new oil, but how can you make sure that data is actionable and will be the fuel for trustworthy and repeatable insights ?

Benefitting from advanced analytics with Machine Learning starts with a robust and integrated data delivery chain.

Our services will help you achieve this :

  • Data governance & Information Management
  • Setting up of a unified Data Catalog
  • Definition and monitoring of Data Quality

Agile Solution implementation & integration

Agile Solution Implementation

We embrace Agile implementation, but with our deep insurance knowledge we can define together with you the right insurance content approach. With our carefully selected IT implementations partners, we have a committed team with the right attitude and the right technology skills.

Solution Integration

Integrating solutions into your insurance application landscape requires an in depth E2E knowledge of the insurance processes that it needs to support. Integrating solutions is not only a technology challenge, but especially a people management challenge to collaborate around one common goal. We can connect those people to make it happen.

Our services includes :

  • Tech Savvy insurance oriented governance
  • UX Design & implementation
  • Insurtech selection and integration
  • IT analysis & Build
  • E2E Application Integration
  • Integration Testing
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